Video Editing & Animation

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Bring your brand to life

Stand out from the crowd and make your brand come to life

Videos and animation can be a great way to stand apart from your competition. Creating powerful adverts or animated logos will help you stand out as a professional business whilst also creating engaging content for your customers. We are also fully experienced when it comes to Youtube – So if you need help with introductions, end screens or even thumbnails, we have you covered!

Video Editing

Whether you’re looking to edit a corporate video, quality content for your marketing campaign, product adverts or simply after a personal project edit – we can help!

We use state of the art editing programs to make sure that your product has a sleek and professional touch. We can add transitions, effects, filters, green screen replacements and much more.

Not only that but we also have access to 1000’s of stock videos, audio, and images we can use to help achieve your vision.

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We understand Youtube – we grew up with Youtube and know that this is the future of media. We also know that being a Youtuber, or starting a Youtube channel, is hard work and sometimes you might need some help.

That’s where we come in! We can help with any part of the Youtube channel. From creating awesome thumbnails to creating branded introductions to your videos. We can help to create attractive end screens for your videos to ensure subscribers know what to watch next.

We can even help you edit the entire video if you need a professionals touch.

Logo Animation

Sometimes you don’t just want a logo, you want an animated logo to make sure you stand out. People gravitate to things that move, that catch their eye, an animated logo can help make sure that you get seen! We can help create just that! With state of the art programs, we can create visually stunning animation to meet any needs.

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